Blog Post Week 9

This past week our team worked together to create a conceptual framework to achieve our overarching goal of reducing childhood malnutrition.

The chart flows from the bottom. Child stunting can be caused by a multitude of different reasons, but we tried our best to narrow it down. Ultimately we believed that lack of education, cultural norms, and poor infrastructure lead to shortcomings in the 3 A’s: availability, accessibility, and affordability. These 3 As lead to food insecurity and disease. Because of lack of proper healthcare these cause a deficiency in important nutrients and thus child stunting.

The solution to this issue begins with us (NewTrition)! We are hoping to utilize our products made from local ingredients taken from local farmers. We are hoping to make these products available and inexpensive. This will provide children with access to the micronutrients and hopefully reduce the rates of childhood stunting.

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