Quick Facts

According to our 2018 Broad Street Parklet user survey:

    • 83% of parklet users live within 5 miles of the parklet’s location, suggesting its impact is felt most directly by the neighborhood in which it is installed.
    • Parklet users reportedĀ  an average stay of roughly one hour (66 minutes) in the parklet, showing a demand for stationary outdoor spaces on a block with very few options to do so.
    • Parklet users reported spending an average of $56 at nearby businesses while visiting the parklet, indicating the economic activity that small public spaces encourage in the community.
    • 85% of parklet users agreed that the Broad Street parklet improves the neighborhood.
    • 78% of parklet users agreed that the Broad Street parklet was a good use of a parking space.
    • 75% of parklet users agreed that the Broad Street parklet made them more likely to visit local businesses.
    • 55% of parklet users reported spending money at the partnering business, Joe’s Tavern, while visiting the parklet. 13% also reported spending money at some other nearby business.

According to our 2018 Broad Street Parklet observations:

  • Stationary street activity doubledĀ once the parklet was installed. Slowing the pace of pedestrians on a commercial block gives passersby an opportunity to see what businesses are around.
  • The parklet experienced peak activity in the evening (5:00 – 8:00; 31%), followed by mid-day users (11:00-2:00; 27%).
  • 58% of stationary pedestrians purchased food and/or beverages while at the parklet.

Did You Know?

  • The Broad Street Parklet cost only $800 to build and took just 13 minutes to install on the street.
  • The Broad Street Parklet increased Joe’s Tavern customer capacity by 15 people, which is over a 10% increase for a business with its square-footage.

As we’ve seen, parklets can change pedestrian behavior. The Broad Street Parklet continues to improve the local atmosphere and encourage economic activity in an area that does not benefit from all of the public amenities of Main Street. And the parklet achieved all of this for less than a $2,000 initial investment, and a $1,000 the following year.