Conference Information

Quantum Computing and Optimization
Lehigh University
July 30 through August 11, 2023

By harnessing the properties of subatomic particles, quantum computing (QC) has the potential to radically transform our capability to solve extremely difficult decision-making and optimization problems for which no efficient classical algorithms exist. The goal for this program is to help build the next generation of QC researchers by bringing together QC and optimization experts and students in an inquiry-based learning environment. We will provide a concentrated review of necessary prerequisite math, optimization, and classical and quantum computing material. The QC-specific curriculum will then be broken into three parts: foundations of QC, quantum optimization techniques, and advanced topics and applications in QC. Students will work closely with lecturers to apply their learning by engaging in interactive seminars and labs.

The summer school will be held at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, from July 30 to August 12, 2023. In-person attendance is required. Graduate and advanced undergraduate students highly motivated to learn QC and optimization techniques are encouraged to apply. Experience in QC or optimization is not required to join the program.


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Tamás Terlaky 
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Lehigh University
Luis Zuluaga
Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Lehigh University
Arielle Carr
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Lehigh University


More information on invited lecturers coming soon.


The program will run from July 30 through August 11, 2023 at Lehigh University. More detailed information about courses will be posted closer to these dates. 


The summer school will be held at Lehigh University with program activities primarily held in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department’s Mohler Lab. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is a vibrant city and community that hosts many activities throughout the summer that students may enjoy during their downtime.