Information for Accepted Students

Location of Check-In Table:

Below is the map of the Trembley Park apartment complex. Check-in will be in the area designated by ’41’ and marked with the purple circle. If arriving at the parking lot indicated by the blue star, be aware that the walk to check-in will include several outdoor stairways. If you have luggage that may be cumbersome to carry or otherwise prefer not to deal with stairs, we recommend that you arrive at the entrance of University Drive indicated by the red star. You will not be able to drive down this road as it is currently under construction, but you can walk down it to get to check-in with no outdoor stairways along this way. A downloadable copy of this map can be found here.

2023 G2S3 Information Booklet

Prior to arrival, please download this information booklet (a digital copy on a laptop or mobile device is fine). This booklet contains the schedule, important places on campus, background on speakers and lecturers, and details on the lectures and talks.


  1. The school itself runs from 8am July 31 through 5pm August 11. You should plan to arrive no later than July 30 and leave no later than August 12.
  2. Early arrivals on July 29 can potentially be accommodated, but please contact the organizers before making any plans to do this.
  3. Late departures (after August 12) will be at your own expense, but we can recommend a hotel within walking distance of Lehigh University that can provide a lower rate for Lehigh affiliates.
  4. Please chat with other students to make arrangements for group taxi rides (more on this in details below).
  5. Your travel funds are limited to $500 unless you have requested an increase. If you require more funding, be in touch with us ASAP with a detailed justification for the request. No matter your funding amount, make sure your travel arrangements are reasonable, even if they come under cost.
  6. Save all receipts and bring them with you to the school. We will hold an information session during the first week on the reimbursement process and have planned to make all reimbursements by the end of the program itself.

Maps: At the top of this page, we provide a Google map with important locations pinned. Click on the icon that looks like a box with a lefthand arrow in the top left corner of the map to view those pins. These include ABE (the local airport), Mohler Lab (our classroom space), and Trembly Park (your dormitory space). We will add new pins as needed and will update you when we do.


  • For questions regarding individual’s travel, expense, etc, please use the email address.
  • You can also post questions you feel may be relevant to other students – or to which other students may have answers – on our Piazza page we have set up for cohort Q&A.
    • We have sent you an email with instructions about joining and interacting on this page. If you have not received this email by June 9, contact us at the aforementioned email address.
    • Do NOT “join the network” when it prompts you. This is not necessary and will cost (non-reimbursable) money.
    • You are welcome to share personal contact information with one another on this page.
    • Please discuss options for arranging group travel or travel buddies, and the organizers will do their best to help guide this discussion.


  • If you are traveling from outside of the United States, bring a copy of your invitation letter.
  • If you are driving: We have sent instructions for requesting a parking pass. For GPS, you can use the address provided above for Trembly Park as your destination.
  • If you are flying…
    • Into ABE, you can take a taxi service (Uber or Lyft) to Trembly Park.
    • Into Newark, you should plan to take the Trans-bridge Lines bus to ABE and then use the taxi services from there. While there are closer bus stops to Lehigh University, not all stops are available on the weekends.
  • Arrivals into other airports are possible, such as those in and near New York City. We recommend looking into their bus and/or taxi services to bring you to ABE or directly to Lehigh University. However, please be mindful of your spending as you make arrangements.


  • You will be required to submit a summary of your expenses. We will provide further guidance on this leading up to and immediately following the program, but please familiarize yourself with the fillable pdf found on this website (scroll to the section titled “2023 Expense and Mileage Forms” and click on “Out-of-Pocket Expenses Summary Form – Fill in“). As stated above, make sure to save all receipts related to any expenses for which you intend to request reimbursement.
  • For international students, you will need a copy of your visa, passport, I94, and your letter of invitation in order to get reimbursed.

Arriving at Lehigh:

  • You will check in on July 31 with our Lehigh Student Assistants. The times and exact location for picking up your keys, cards, and other important info, will be posted soon. But, you can expect that this check-in process will last more or less all day, so do not worry about arranging a specific arrival time on July 31.
  • Approved early check-in will be handled individually by Arielle Carr.
  • As we get closer to the start of the school, we will provide more details on your room assignments, but to give you a general idea of the layout:
    • You will be staying in an apartment-style dorm with a shared living space, two single rooms, and a double room.
    • We will provide linens, sheets, pillows and blankets, but you must provide your own toiletries, including shampoo and soap.
    • Grocery and pharmacy stores are within walking distance of Lehigh.

What to Bring:

  • Your own toiletries.
  • The weather in Bethlehem in August is often hot and sunny, but it can also be cool and rainy. So, in addition to the clothing you would normally bring on a two-weeklong trip, we recommend that you also bring:
    • A warm sweater or light jacket
    • A rain jacket or umbrella
    • Good walking shoes
  • Your laptop, if possible (this is not a requirement, but will be helpful).
  • Writing utensils and a notebook.
  • Important travel documents, additional cash, and credit card.
  • Make sure you have health insurance, and bring any necessary documentation with you.
  • TIP: Take a picture of your travel documents – keep this on your phone, and email a copy to yourself, in case of emergency.
  • TIP: Don’t forget your chargers and converters!

Summary of Food:

  • During the work week (Mon-Fri), we will provide breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks with light refreshments on campus, in or near Mohler Lab.
  • During the work week (Mon-Fri), dinner will be ordered from local Bethlehem restaurants, except for the days of the banquets.
  • There will be two dinner banquets: A welcome reception on July 31 and a closing reception on August 10.
  • On Saturday, August 5, there will be a social event, and lunch will be provided. A per diem will be provided to you for the remaining meals.
  • On Sunday, August 6, you will be on your own, but a per diem will be provided to you for all meals.
  • Be sure to answer the survey we provided to you in our email regarding any food allergies or restrictions.

Social Events:

The weekend events – both organized and not – are TBD, but we will gauge interest over the coming weeks (please answer the survey!). Weather permitting, they will be outdoors and may include frisbee golf or a local hike on the mountain near Lehigh.

For you unorganized social time, we recommend you check out the local music festival that is happening at nearly the same time as G2S3, Musikfest. Many of the concerts are free to attend (on the page linked, go to “concerts” and select “free” for a list of free shows). There are some paid concerts, and there are also options for food to buy. We will NOT reimburse you for these expenses, but you are more than welcome to participate at your own expense.