August 19, 2019

Today was a super successful day. The day started with Zach Day from the Ukweli Team showing us his design for our team name “NewTrition”. WOW! This is something that will be super important if our products are going to be successful in the markets and shops. We were looking for a logo that would catch people’s eyes and that’s what exactly what he made for us. Thanks Zach!

We started our day similar to the last few days by preparing our recipes. We had coordinated a visit with the CHO at Kamambai Health Clinic last week. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem with the bakery this morning as it was their first day in business, and were not able to cook the muffins in time to go to the clinic. Nevertheless, Rachel, Seanna, and I [Matt] took our pudding recipe to the clinic to get feedback from mothers of children under 24 months. With the help of our three fantastic translators (Ibrahim, Abubacar, and Futia) we were able to get 33 surveys filled out to bring our grand total to about 150! We have made tremendous progress in the last week and plan to continue gathering data through Wednesday. Here are a few pictures from our time at the clinic:

(This girl loved playing and dancing around with Rachel!)

(Rachel, Seanna, and myself with our translators)

(A happy baby after trying our pudding recipe!)

(This young boy loved our pudding and kept coming back for more!)

While the pudding team was at the clinic, the rest of the team worked with the bakery to cook their muffins and were able to travel to Ropolon village once the translators returned from the clinic. Neena, Kayla, Karli, and Chris were able to complete 38 surveys in the afternoon! This brings the muffin surveys to a total of 147. Here are some photos from their day in Ropolon:

(Two children enjoying our muffins)

With this being my last blog post in Sierra Leone, I think I can speak for our entire team when I say that we are super proud of the work we’ve accomplished over the past three weeks. As a team, I think we have created a new team dynamic that has become crucial to our success. Together, we are projected to gather over 300 completed surveys and formed lasting relationships that will be invaluable to the future of this project.

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