August 20, 2019

After the mishaps of yesterday, the malnutrition team is proud to say that today ran much more smoothly. The day began by boiling the sweet potatoes in the mushroom team’s pressure cooker and preparing the recipes for the day. The muffin team decided that they should add salt for their next iteration of the recipe. This was one of the biggest suggestions from the mothers who tried our product the previous days. The pudding team decided to go back through their three iterations of the recipe to try and collect double the data points per recipe. Today they went with their third iteration – more sugar! 

Then Karli, Neena, Kayla, Seanna, and Rachel went to the Kalongba clinic with our four translators to try and collect as much data as we could.

Unfortunately the word did not spread to the mothers too well and most of the families there were children under 6 months waiting to get their immunizations. However, we stayed and collected as much surveys as we could – in total we got 10 for the pudding and 2 for the muffins. 


After the disappointing outing, we regrouped at World Hope to determine our game plan for the rest of the day. Since we still needed at least 50 more surveys in total for both teams, we took a trip to one of the local villages, Masongba, to go taste testing house to house. 

It is absolutely insane that this is the second to last day in Makeni! During the drive, Rachel kept saying, “this is the last time you’re going to see this” and it was really sad. We have enjoyed our time here so much and absolutely loved working with and getting to know everyone who has helped us complete our research. 

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