Travel by air

The Lehigh Valley International Airport is only a 15-min drive from the main campus of Lehigh University. In addition, there are three major airports that are within a two-hour radius of Lehigh with regular bus services.

Note: the bus services are (much) less frequent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Lehigh Valley International Airport (IATA code: ABE). The airport is located 6.6 miles northwest of Lehigh University. This local airport has direct flights to main hubs on the east coast of US and the midwest, such as Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta. The easiest way to get to the Lehigh Campus or the nearby hotels from ABE is by taxi/Uber/Lyft. Also, many local hotels (e.g., Comfort Suites, Hotel Bethlehem etc.) offer free shuttles to and from the ABE airport.
  • Philadelphia International Airport (IATA code: PHL). The airport is the primary airport that serves the greater Philadelphia area, and it is likely that you will find a direct flight to PHL from you home airport. The airport is located 64 miles south of Lehigh University. The Martz Group bus operates daily between the Allentown Bus Terminal and the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia (1hr35min, $15 one-way),  and, from the 30th Street Station, the Airport Line of the SEPTA train will directly take you to all Terminals of the Philadelphia airport. The cost of Uber/Lyft between Lehigh University and the Philadelphia airport is about $100 (one-way).

Travel by bus

  • OurBus provides bus services from Allentown, PA to cities in Pennsylvania and New York, as well as Washington DC and Baltimore, MD.
  • Trans-Bridge Lines operates bus services out of the Bethlehem Transportation Center. This is the closest bus stop to Lehigh’s campus, and is found at 635 Guetter Street, off of West Broad St.Trans-Bridge also provides daily service to New York City, JFK Airport and Newark Airport.