New Ebay find: Lehigh Chinese student calling card circa 1920’s

Through Ebay’s auto-search feature, I found this calling card from a Chinese¬† student Chi-Fah Chen. I’d love to know if the artwork is original/his or printed. Originally I thought Chen attended Lehigh University from 1918 to 1923, and according to this 1918 Brown and White article a student with a similar name came from Syracuse University (with a M.S.?). He graduated in 1923, and you see his graduation photo below. Update: An informed source tells me that the card(s) probably originated in the fifties, as the color on the card might suggest a later timeframe. Stay tuned!

Interested in the Lehigh community of Chinese students through history? There is a well-researched undergraduate paper, Chinese Students and Lehigh University (1879-1853) by Michael Tang.  A great read.