Research Opportunities in the Tansu Group

Graduate / Undergraduate Student Researchers in Optoelectronics

We constantly seek very motivated and hard-working graduate students (PhD / MS) and undergraduate students (BS) to conduct research on semiconductor optoelectronics in my group. Specifically, the graduate / undergraduate student researchers are expected to conduct both theoretical and experimental research in the field of III-V semiconductor optoelectronics / photonics.

Excellent PhD candidates should have excellent academic records, and have finished the MS degree by the time of entry to Lehigh. Exceptional candidates with BS degree will also be considered. Candidates should have strong motivation, desire to succeed, full of creativity, and excellent potential for state-of-the-art research in the areas of semiconductor optoelectronics materials and devices.

PhD students in my group will learn the following experimental works, as follow:

1) Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) epitaxy of novel semiconductor nanostructure for optoelectronics devices
2) Semiconductor optoelectronics device fabrications
3) Semiconductor optoelectronics device testings and characterization
4) Semiconductor material characterization, and etc.

Theoretical background for ideal candidates should include strong background in quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, semiconductor / solid-state physics, and semiconductor electronics & optoelectronics devices. Candidates without all those theoretical background are also encouraged to apply, as long as they have overlapping backgrounds and are seriously interested in learning those subjects. Theoretical works will mainly focus on both the fundamental properties of semiconductor nanostructure optoelectronics, and semiconductor optoelectronics device design.

For interested candidates, please send your resume to my email at Tansu@Lehigh.Edu. Females and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.