Launching Mountaintop & Crowdfunding

Mountaintop has gotten off to a good start for Zach and Rohan. With the Crowdfunding up and running, the first few days of work were dedicated to creating a short animated crowdfunding video clip showcasing ‘Amie’, a fictional women in Sierra Leone who is pregnant with her first child. This video highlights the overall problem of Urinary Tract Infections, Preeclampsia, and the maternal mortality rate in Sierra Leone, and was then paired with the filming our team conducted during the school year, which focused more on our product.

This video will shortly be up on our crowdfunding page!

Our crowdfunding focus continued, as we created visuals highlighting some of the main points of Sierra Leone’s healthcare issues and how Ukweli can help solve them.

These images, as well as a few others, were shared with all team members of Ukweli so they could post them on their social media pages to help spread the word about our venture and increase awareness about our crowdfunding effort. More visuals will likely be created so we can continue to spread the word of our crowdfunding to the public.

As for tangible work going with us to Sierra Leone, a new Ukweli poster that will be displayed in clinics was in the works.

Although our team brought posters highlighting UTIs to Sierra Leone last summer, the addition of preeclampsia to our test strip meant a new poster highlighting both UTIs and Preeclampsia was needed. A few more drafts will most likely be created to give the team more options to choose from.

Outside of the lab, we have worked on the IEEE quality control paper and have made steady progress. Several revisions have been done and the paper is beginning to come to fruition.

We have designed testing procedures for light, temperature and humidity in order to find the vulnerabilities of the preeclamptic assay. We have also designed procedures for testing the strip’s sensitivity to water ingress and dust/wind exposure. Testing has begun on the sensitivity of the stickers that were purchased to monitor exposure to environmental conditions.

With us recently gaining access to our own lab, it is looking like a lot of next week will be focused on the quality control testing of our test strips.


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