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Blog Post 4

  1. Give three examples of how you can use nature as a model / mentor / measure for your own designs (and life).
  • Table of how I can use nature as a model for my own life is to remember that everything happens for a reason as things do in nature.  it was a common belief in the different sources that we read that nothing is a waste in nature, and if I apply this concept to my life then no mistake or negative event was without purpose.
  • another way I can use nature as a model for my own life is in recognizing the importance of growth and never being stagnant with my success as life has and continues to recycle.
  • lastly I can use nature as a model for my own life in remembering that everything is subject to change and being at peace with that reality. Nothing in nature is  constant and nothing in my life will be constant so I should apply that mine said they’re as to not find myself being worked up or disappointed by changes that occur.


  1. Pick one of Life’s Principles. Explain how you might apply it to your work and life (could be unrelated to your GSIF projects).
  • One of life’s principles that I can apply to my life is the principal of locally tuned and responsive. I and use this and being more aware and involved in wildlife and the smaller settings. As a college student sometimes it’s very easy to get wrapped up in long-term goals worrying about our future and other factors that might be out of our control, but if I apply this principle and bring my thinking and mentality back to a local or smaller scale this could help reduce stress levels and increase  efficiency.
  1. How do you envision integrating the Cradle to Cradle Design concept into your project (and life)? Give one compelling example.
  • I envisioned our corporate social responsibility and India team incorporating the Cradle to cradle design in our  project bye really valuing the insights that we get from the few ngos and corporations that we interview and applying the information they provide us with  to a broader scale. if we are successful in our project we will truly better grasp at how Corporate social responsibility Works in India the purposes and implications of this law and with that we can apply our findings 2 other corporations and other Partnerships within the country.
  1. Give three examples of something very interesting you learned from a friend that was a completely alien concept to you.
  • Something that I learned from a friend also completely alien concept to me was from my British friend Alda. in a random conversation she informed me that over in London almost Everyone Gets Braces in their preteen years because they are free in America this is not the case a lot of people that might want or need braces actually are able to get them because they are so pricey and that’s what I’ve always thought braces. I never imagined them being something that is readily accessible for the masses so this was very new to me when she told me.
  • Another very interesting thing that a friend has told me is that is actually better for your body to take showers every other day. Apparently there are studies that confirm this, but since knowing that I still take my showers on a daily basis,  but it is very interesting to know that but is actually not the most healthy way to treat my skin.
  • Another very interesting that I’ve learned from a friend  is that applying to medical school, are the required service hours you’re allowed to use experiences that date back to high school. my thoughts were always that you would have to use volunteer experiences that occur during college but I recently found out that this is not the case.


~ by Anique Groce on February 18, 2019 .

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