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blog post 5

• February 23, 2019

Based on your life experiences, skills and interests, what would a design process that is both uniquely yours and effective look like? Based off of my life experiences if I were to create a design process the process would be very unstructured and slightly unorganized but always with the end goal in mind and determination […]

Blog Post 4

• February 18, 2019

Give three examples of how you can use nature as a model / mentor / measure for your own designs (and life). Table of how I can use nature as a model for my own life is to remember that everything happens for a reason as things do in nature. ┬áit was a common belief […]

Blog Post 2

• February 14, 2019

1.) Give three compelling examples of how cultural issues affect your project. One example of a cultural issue that affects our project with CSR in India is with corrupt political figures being a core part of Indian society currently. Politicians as a middle man between the corporation and the NGO have control over what type […]

GSIF Post 3

• February 10, 2019

Describe the five major stakeholders for your project and their motivations. The corporations we will be interviewing Their main motivation is the fact that they are being required by law to complete this corporate social responsibility and donate a percentage of their profits. Beyond that, the corporations look forward to enhance their brands and credibility. […]

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