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Interview Transcript

As I advance with my research, I have found myself very interested in investigating the effects U.S policy has had on refugees and how it limits the opportunities to receive and education. I have learned about the legal policies that refugees require though scholarly articles to obtain an education. The current administration of the United […]

My Virtual Reality Experience

Reading about refugees though scholarly articles and watching videos have helped me understand the legal requirements refugees have to undergo to accommodate into a new country. Throughout my research I’ve understood the struggles refugees go through; however, having the opportunity to use the Virtual Reality technology at Lehigh helped me have a first-hand experience with […]

The Evolvement of the Connotation ‘Refugee’

To understand the meaning of the word “refugee” and the evolvement of its connotation, I wrote a definition argument about the term. This definition argument concentrates on the evolvement of the connotation of the term in the United States. Currently, refugees are seen as a threat in the U.S and there is a confusion between […]

Understanding the Term

To understand the Refugee Crisis it is essential to understand the meaning and the connotation of the word “refugee.” This term is usually confused with the word “immigrant” since it has very similar meanings. UNHCR, the agency of the United Nations committed to help refugees all over the world, made a video to explain the […]


Hello, My name is Fabiana Rojas Esquivel and I am a freshman at Lehigh University. I am an international student from Costa Rica. I decided to choose the social issue of the refugee crisis since I am passionate to learn about that certain issue. I have been working with refugees since I was 16 years […]