“Attending this course should be a top priority for any chemist or engineer who wants a deeper understanding of emulsion polymerization.”

Keith Quisenberry, Senior Research Associate, Franklin Adhesives and Polymers

“A well designed and enthusiastically delivered short course emphasizing the importance of fundamentals in understanding and addressing various aspects of emulsion polymerization. For me, it provided a great foundation to begin to develop in-depth knowledge in ABS process technology – thank you!”

Rachid B Slimane, Staff Scientist, ABS AMR, SABIC

“You will understand your manufacturing process 20% more only  after four days , 30% more after the Q/A session, and by the time the course is over you will feel empowered to tackle all obstacles that keep your plant from making the difference!”

Luis Benavides, Process Chemist, Celanese

“This is one of the best courses for chemists and engineers to learn and refresh knowledge in emulsion polymers and, more importantly , interact with the experts and troubleshoot their problems.”

Ping Li, President, SUSMER LLC

“This course is a must for anyone starting to work with emulsion polymerization”

Brian Maxwell, Amercias Technology Manager, Synthomer USA, LLC.

“Overall, it was a great experience for me.  I was very impressed.  Keep up the great work.  Hope I will have more opportunities to interact and to learn from the instructors and participants in the future.”

“I noticed that a lot of the participants are industrial practitioners.  I believe that continued focuses on fundamentals, state of art technologies, and practical skills will be attractive to industrial practitioners.”

Pu Gu, PPG Fiber Glass Science & Technology


“Indispensable course for aspiring emulsion technologists. An incredible insight into emulsions – Incredible emulsion course that instills innovation.”

Shashidhar Govindaraju, General Manager , Apcotex Industries Limited, India

“From the speakers, to the presentations, to the organization/coordination the Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technology was hands down the best and most beneficial conference I’ve ever been to. there is no doubt, I will attend again in the future.”

Jason Drum, R&D Scientist, Mexichem Specialty Resin, USA

“If you are new to the world/industry of emulsion polymerization, like me, this course is practically essential. You will not regret attending even if you only learn half of what I feel like I did.”

Nathaniel Jurcago, Synthomer

“The Emulsion Polymerization Short Course at Lehigh is an excellent way to get acclimated with emulsion polymerization in just one week from experts in their field. The lectures are structured to provide value to experienced and beginning researchers.”

Brian Peterson, Arkema

“This is a NICHE course that combine academic fundamentals and industry experience well. All the speakers are well known scientist and industry pioneers. Attending this course is a blooming to my knowledge plus expanding network.”

Jie Yu, Westlake Expoxy

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