Mudd Building Rewire Project


After 5 months, Library & Technology Services completed the Mudd Building Rewire Project. Technology Infrastructure and Operations (TIO) started planning and engineering the network upgrades back in the spring of 2015. The goal of this effort was to replace old category 3 ethernet cabling dating back to the 90s with new modern category 6a cable capable of handing gigabit network speeds. In addition, modern networking switches and data closet architecture were deployed. This was the first project that we utilized blockouts to manage the endpoint connections by placing physical locks on unused ports. End users can requests blockouts to be removed. These blockouts enable us to reduce our costs and improve security. When the project was completed, 936 Cat 6a jacks were deployed, 346 connections activated and 101 phones relocated or newly installed.

Congrats to the TIO team members Lizanne Hurst, Pat Murphy, Jeff Deschler, Debbie Henritzy, Luis Rosario, Brian Posivak, Kent Smith, Lisa Luchini, Munroe Sollog, Jon Hutchinson and Mark Miller. Special thanks to Jim Roberts for being our interface for the users in the Mudd Building during this project.