Louis Rivera

College of Education
Counseling Psychology

Dissertation title
Military Sexual Trauma: Exploring the Moderating Role of Restrictive Emotionality and Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Male Veterans

Dissertation advisor: Liang, Christopher

Note to Liang, Christopher :
My doctoral journey started with your transition to Lehigh University. I never imagined I would pursue a doctorate until I joined your research lab during my master's program. Thank you for pushing me to be a better clinician, researcher, and human. You have been a strong mentor and father figure. The words ‚Louis Rivera‚will stay with me forever.

From your friend,

Note from Liang, Christopher :
Dr. Louis Rivera. What can I say? I have worked with Louis for the last 7 years; first when he was a masters student and now as he wraps up his doctoral education. Louis, has been an active contributor to my community-based work in the Lehigh Valley. In that work, he not only inspired his peers, and the many youth and parents in the community with whom he worked, but me as well. I've met his former principal and teachers, and peers in the Lehigh Valley. They love bragging about him and how far he has come. I now do the same. He is not only a solid clinician who works with veterans with severe mental health problems, he is an effective researcher who engages in research that is absolutely meaningful. More than his work, he is what I call an "uplifter." No matter his struggles (past and present), Louis is oriented toward growth. Grounded in reality but focused on sharing his hope and optimism (for self and others), Louis lifts the spirits of all around him. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you do, Louis! Extremely proud of you! If you find your ears ringing, it is because I've joined the chorus of those bragging about you.

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