The Fine Art of Small Talk

summarizing few chapters of The fine art of small talk.

At the beginning of this chapter hes saying that people part with their money for two reasons; to solve a problem and to attain good feelings.

use small talks as a picture frame around business conversations.

express empathy because everyone is entitled to be listened to, even when in the wrong.

greet people warmly, make eye contact, and smile. be the first to say hello. be careful, you might be viewed as a snob if you are not the first to say hello. people often go back to their favorite restaurants because the host greets them with a sincere smile.

use the persons name in conversation .

you are more likely to get special treatment by using the persons name.

show an interest in others

dig deeper. its when you engage in a conversation, dont leave it quickly.

be a good listener. making eye contact and responding with verbal

curs to show you hear what the speaker says.

stop being an adviser its when you mention a problem you might be having with an employee.

ch 16

in chapter 16 she says as we wrap up our conversation you know all my trade secrets right here. i have no more magic than you. you only need to continue practicing the skills. the tips and tricks enumerated throughout this book are commonsense solutions to everyday small talk. Dint give up of you run into trouble calvin coolidge once said nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

put yourself in social situations more frequently. accept invitations.

at the end of the chapter shes saying to us that i hope youre truly winning at small talk. fake it for a while till it becomes second nature.

if you are diligent about practicing, you will become an expert.

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