Deirdre Murphy

Artist’s Statement

A decade of interest in avian migratory patterns, the effects of climate change and molecular biology drive my work. This deep creative inquiry into patterns in nature both visible and invisible have led to a history of collaborating with scientists at esteemed institutions which include: The University of Pennsylvania, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Powdermill Nature Reserve/ Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Drexel University’s Academy of Natural Science and Integral Molecular Laboratory. Imagery in my work ranges from data visualization of ornithology charts to phosphorescent images of viruses, to cellular structures in petri dishes that morph into star clusters and light pollution maps to finally rest upon a Luna moth. My recent pivot to virology has led to foreshadowing paintings that reflect upon our global humanity and the ties that bind us.


Philadelphia based artist, Deirdre Murphy decodes the interconnected patterns that exist in art and science through the lens of biological patterns and data visualization. Her research has led to artist residencies at Integral Molecular Biotech and Winterthur Museum. Her paintings, prints and public art have exhibited at the Philadelphia International Airport, Palm Springs Museum of Art, Zillman Art Museum, Biggs Museum of American Art, New Bedford Art Museum, and Tacoma Art Museum. Grants include: Percent for the Arts, Pennsylvania Council for the Arts, and Leeway Foundation. Murphy is represented by Gross McCleaf Gallery, Boxheart Gallery, and Zinc Contemporary Gallery.