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“The most creative people are motivated by the grandest of problems that are presented before them.”
– Neil deGrasse Tyson

Stereotypes in Interracial Interactions

Race Relations in Virtual Reality

Stereotype Threat


Lab News

$1.79M National Science Foundation Career Grant Awarded to Dr.Taylor
In this 5-year multi-phase research program, Dr. Taylor will investigate how virtual reality technology can be used to reduce racial bias and anxiety among STEM students tofacilitate positive interracial interactions in STEM fields to improve underrepresented racial minorities’ STEM access and outcomes. All on the team are excited to get to work!

The SSI Lab welcomes three new members to the team!
Spring 2021
Welcome Rita Knasel (Masters student), Junmoke James (psych team member), and Jack Curtis (psych and VR coding team member). We are excited to have you all aboard! See our labteam page to read more about our fantastic crew: SSI Lab Team

Dr. Taylor Large Scale Stereotype Threat Project Accepted!
Dr. Valerie Taylor and her team have received the green light to run a large scale stereotype threat multi-site study project that will be published in Human Nature Behaviour! See the final submission here:

Recent VR and Interracial Interactions Publications
Lab members Juan Valladares, Claire Siepser, Caitlyn Yantis, and Dr. Taylor have published a few new exciting papers on interracial interaction processes and virtual reality! Please check them out! 1) Interracial contact in virtual reality: Best-practices at Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences and 2) What do I do? Predicting anticipatory behaviors following ingroup members’ stereotypical behaviors in interracial interactions in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.