Post 8

  1. List five compelling takeaways from the Art of the Start.

1) The purpose of starting the project should depend on who you want to attract. It should not be making money.

2) The materials for pitching, such as slides, must be brief and clear.

3) The text font should be 30 pt. It also helps us to write fewer words.

4) 10 slides: Title, Problem, Solution, Business Model, Underlying Magic, Marketing and Sales, Competition, Team, Projections, Status and Timeline.

5) Hire better than yourself.


  1. Articulate your value propositions for your diverse customer segments.

For women in jail who are the victims of mass incarceration, our Beyond Bars: Voices from Women Inside the Criminal, is a one-act documentary-style play that enables more people to be aware of the situation of mass incarceration in America’s social justice system. We will carry on this project and let the politicians know about our work. In this way, the rate of incarceration will decrease.


  1. Discuss your Total Available Market and Total Addressable Market. List all your assumptions and hypothesis.

My Total Available Market is the women in jail and people in Lehigh Valley.

My Total Addressable Market is the politicians of this country in the future.

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  1. Great work! You have a very clear value proposition. For your available/addressable markets, be sure to clarify your assumptions. What has to happen for you to reach all politicians?

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