8/17/19 Salone


Mushroom Team Blog

Today Marc and I got to sleep in which made us really productive for the first few hours of the day. We decided to research and try as many substrates as possible while we are here. Today was cassava day. We went to the market in search of yucca and cassava leaves. We did one trial with just the yucca and minimal cassava and then a second trial with a significant amount of cassava leaves. Both of these were put out to dry but unfortunately were not done before it was time to go to dinner.

We will check on their progress and cleanliness tomorrow when we go to work.

The finally, edits have been made to the “How to mushrooms” checklist made for Jawara. Unfortunately do to some technology hiccups we haven’t been able to print it out. We really need photos on the final version and so far we haven’t been able to load them onto the document.

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