The Dating Interface

Understanding the impact that gender has on user experience for dating apps, can determine who has more success obtaining long lasting relationships from them. Social Dating Apps are designed for individuals to interact with people of similar interest through a user interface (UI). These platforms are in various versions of dating apps and websites. Some of the most well known apps are Tinder and Bumble, which are most known to be used by college students. Each of these apps have the common goal to help people find potential partners through quick and efficient match making. These apps are set up to let individuals introduce themselves, share similar interests, and communicate what they are looking for in their user experience (UE) with dating apps.

While analyzing these apps, I conducted a study to analyze which gender in college, between the ages of 18-22, benefited more from dating apps when looking for long lasting, healthy relationships. In this experiment, I surveyed 226 college students using Instagram polls, 113 which were male and the other 113 were female. students. I then asked them a series of questions describing their user experience (UE) with various dating apps.When asked which gender has had long lasting relationships from these apps, 80% of women said they have found partners through social dating apps. While only 20% of men said they have found relationships through dating apps.

When looking at the results from the answer no, there is a higher percentage of men who haven’t gotten into a long term relationship than have gotten into one. Lastly, I asked the participants if they believe gender impacts the outcome of using dating apps. In this study, it is shown that men were more likely to think that gender did not have an impact on the outcomes of using social dating apps, than women. In conclusion, this study showed how men in college between the ages of 18-22, were more likely to use dating apps for casual hookups rather than long term relationships.

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