Final Paper Summary

Despite prominent companies’ recent claims of effort to diversify the world of technology, the most dominant forces in the world of technology have remained disproportionately white and male compared to demographic data in the U.S. The number of women and people of color in the industry are not improving. White male leadership and exclusive work cultures has led to a diversity recession that is preventing young people of diverse backgrounds from entering and excelling in the industry. Since the technology industry is responsible for creating the worlds’ products that are becoming increasingly involved in every aspect of American life, the lack of diversity is having a significant impact in multiple areas of our society. Employees from diverse backgrounds are more inherently familiar with the challenges faced by underrepresented populations. Because of this, the inclusion of women and people of color is vital not only to the technology industry, but to our entire society who deserves technology services that work for them, regardless of their background. More transparency is needed in the technology industry. Technology workforces need to be diversified, women and people of color need to be in leadership roles and algorithms need to be based and tested on more diverse datasets.  If we want to truly combat racism and sexism in our country, we need to hold the technology industry accountable for their role in preserving inequality in America.

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