Fire burns my lungs and throat whenever I try to speak
A sad and tired violent thing that nobody can see
It kicks at bones and heart and strangles all that I believe
Gasoline is poured on me when I watch the TV

PA, CA, GA, America is the scene
Death and violence and my people’s faces fill the screen
Kung-flu virus, go back home
It all starts to repeat
Their hatred builds upon itself
And then takes to the street
And all that I can think about is when it will be me
My brother, father, Lola, best friend
When will we not breathe

The rage inside me burns and churns and yearns all day and night
The bodies pile up and I can’t find a way to fight
They can’t burn us all but the fire in me is dying
How can I feel safe when all the officers are lying?

My fingers start to curl up and blacken at the tips
Is today the day I turn to ash and seal my lips?
But as the fire rages, wages hate and fear in turn
I will use my suffocation as a way to learn
And no matter how hard they try I will refuse to burn
Cause justice should not be something that people have to earn

Amaya Apolinario