Student Members


Cate Blumberg

Cate is a first-year EdS student who is in the School Psychology Program. She is from Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Psychology. Her research interests include finding ways to mitigate the effects of ACEs using a trauma-informed approach, how the effects of disciplinary actions, such as the overuse of suspensions and expulsions impact students’ academic performance, and equitable assessment practices. Cate enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.





Hannah Crespy

Hannah is a first-year doctoral student in Lehigh University’s School Psychology program. Her research interests surround reading and learning disabilities and their relation to mental health struggles. Additionally, she is focused on the validity of learning and reading assessments and interventions in primary education. After program completion, Hannah hopes to own a practice dedicated to helping children with dyslexia and help to make district-wide improvements regarding school reading interventions. For enjoyment, she crochets and lifts weights at the gym.




Emily Forcht

Emily is a fourth-year doctoral student in the School Psychology program’s school-centered prevention track. She is from New Jersey and graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Psychology. Her research interests include academic and behavioral assessment and intervention, universal screening for academic risk, and the validity and evaluation of assessment tools/instruments. In the future, Emily hopes to work in a setting where she can provide assessments and evaluations to children who are struggling academically or behaviorally. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her friends and family.



Indira Joell

Indira is a second-year doctoral student.



Adelle Sturgell 

Adelle is a fourth-year doctoral student in the School Psychology program’s school-centered prevention track. Her research interests include data-based decision making throughout the special education process and equitable assessment practices. In the future, Adelle hopes to develop procedures to reduce disproportionalities in schools at a district-wide level. In her free time, Adelle enjoys reading, travelling, and supporting her favorite sports from her home state of Wisconsin and her undergraduate institution, the University of Oklahoma.






Kirsten Truman

Kirsten is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program.  She is from the Lehigh Valley area and has been practicing as a school psychologist since 2013.  Kirsten’s research interests include developmental measurement using growth-sensitive assessments and decision-making within MTSS.  After graduating, she plans to pursue a research career in assessment development and practices for schools or other pediatric settings.  In her free time, Kirsten enjoys cooking, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.





Henry Zink

Henry is a fourth-year doctoral student in the School Psychology program. His research focuses on the intersection of school psychology practice with education policy, particularly as it relates to the identification of disabilities. In the future, Henry hopes to pursue a university faculty position. In his free time, Henry enjoys playing and listening to music and spending time in the outdoors.










Dayna Younis 

Dayna is a doctoral student at Lehigh University in the School Psychology program. Her research interests include universal screening for behavioral and emotional risk, and school climate specifically bullying and teacher-student relationships during adolescence. In her free time Dayna enjoys going on runs with her dog Bentley and spending time with her family at their cabin in the Poconos.





Katherine Koller

Katherine is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program on the pediatric health track. Katherine is from North Carolina and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015 with a B.A. in psychology. While at Lehigh, Katherine has been involved with research projects focused on academic interventions, early literacy development and evaluating the coordination of care between service systems for infants and toddlers with developmental risks. Her interests include behavioral health promotion and early childhood prevention and intervention within pediatric primary care settings.




Jaclin Boorse

Jaclin is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program, originally from the Philadelphia suburbs. She is in the school-centered prevention track with an emphasis on quantitative methods. Her research interests include measuring student growth on academic assessments and how growth measurement influences academic intervention in schools. She hopes to work in educational test research and development after graduation. In her free time, Jaclin likes reading, baking, and playing with her two Golden Retrievers.