About Ethan Van Norman


I am Ethan Van Norman and this is a very outdated headshot of me:

This is a more recent picture of me with my son just after he was born:

I completed my graduate training at the University of Minnesota in 2015. There I earned a PhD in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in School Psychology (APA and NASP approved) and a minor in Quantitative Methods. While at the University of Minnesota I worked in a lab that developed formative assessments like those I currently research. I was also fortunate to go through the program with a number of extremely talented cohort mates that I continue to work with today and have grown to become my closest friends. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at Heartland Area Education Agency in Des Moines IA. There I applied the the ecological problem-solving model taught at the University of Minnesota in school-based settings.

After completing my doctoral internship I began my career in academia at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. I am currently an assistant professor in the School Psychology program at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. In the School Psychology program I am responsible for teaching coursework related to academic assessment, academic intervention, behavioral assessment, psychometrics, and single-case experimental designs. I also periodically co-teach a special topics seminar on Response to Intervention. At Georgia State I taught the cognitive assessment sequence and have since vowed to never do that again.

In a given year I seek to admit 1-2 PhD students to join the lab. I actively seek students that have an interest in academic assessments that can be used within problem solving models (i.e., not cognitive ability or neuropsychological measures), an interest in learning more about quantitive research methods, and those that wish to pursue careers as researchers or practitioners in schools after they graduate.

When I am not working as a School Psychology professor I enjoy (as much as I can) watching Chicago sports teams, attending sporting events at Lehigh, watching movies, grilling, beating fellow School Psychology faculty members at fantasy football, and spending time with my wife, son, dog (Winnie) and cat (Harvey).




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