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Grateful Things

Week14 (4.20-4.26)

For this week, I have a call with my uncle. Knowing everything is going on well makes me feel happy. This week rains a lot. I love raining especially heavy rain. it makes me relax. One thing I just found is… Continue Reading →

Week 13 (4.13-4.19)

The best thing for this week is I successfully make my own dashboard using R. After failed making a dashboard I want in python, I changed into R. Using almost 3 days, I made one!!! It’s my friend’s birthday, she… Continue Reading →

Week 12 (4.6-4.12)

I really tried to think something for this week, but I couldn’t, the only great thing for this week is my parents are calling me every day and my friends are chatting with me. That makes me feel I am… Continue Reading →

Week 11 (3.30-4.5)

4.5 For the whole week, my upstairs didn’t make loud sound!!! 4.5 I get my food delivery which ordered last month, save my life!

Week 10 (3.23-3.29)

3.26 I bought a small study desk, I don’t have one before. I used to study at school or on the dining table. The dining table is too old, it has a loud sound when using it. I am the… Continue Reading →

Week 7 (3.2-3.8) Worst week ever

3.3 My grandpa past away, on my father’s birthday. Someone said when parents past away on their children’s birthday, it means they love their kids so much and want their rest of life happily. My dad said he passed away… Continue Reading →

Week 6 (2.24-3.1)

  2.24 Kuki has a new dish that tastes sooooo good. 2.27 Dr. Farah bought us some pizza, she is the best teacher!!!🥳 My families and friends are healthy. (best thing for me)

Week 5 (2.17-2.23)

normal week, nothing special. The best thing for me is my families are all healthy.

Week 4 (2.10-2.16)

I tried to find out grateful things this week but is hard, my life is nothing special. If there must one grateful thing is, my families and friends are safe in China, none of them infect by Corona-19. And my… Continue Reading →

Week 3 (2.3-2.9)

  2.3 Figure out how the squirrel appears in front of my window and disappeared, they can run on the wall! 2.7 NewYork, Barneys is closing, so really cheap, everything is under sale. 2.7 NewYork, visit Solomon Guggenheim museum, bad… Continue Reading →

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