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Speaking & Listening

Final vlog

This is my final vlog for Speaking and Reading class, in this vlog, I give a reflection of my speaking and listening class. In this video, you can see I’m more confident than vlog1, you can also see that there… Continue Reading →

Panel Discussion —- Are you a solider or a general?

This is the biggest and last presentation we have for the speaking and listening course. We decide to talk about hierarchy at Lehigh, each of us found our own sub-topic. My sub-topic is whether there is a hierarchy between female… Continue Reading →

Presentation skills

Always remember “SCIPAB” and explain the things you want to tell in an easy way. To make audiences understand and interesting to your presentation, use simple words and examples.

Vlog #1

This is my first vlog. In this vlog, I shared the things that I felt challenged and the things I focused on this week. It also talked about next week’s plan. In my first vlog, there were some grammar mistakes… Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Lehigh’s Past

In this presentation, I shared my investigation on Lehigh’s past. I focused on Gun-related, like history in gun violence and gun control. What students in Lehigh did in the past, what’s their opinions about “Gun”. With the investigation, I know… Continue Reading →

Note-taking skills

Always remember “LISTEN”. Use these steps to help take notes. L: Lead I: Ideas S: Summarize E: END N: Notes

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