Droplets Resuspension

Resuspension of microdroplets under surface motion

Resuspension is defined as a mass transfer that initially deposited particles re-entry into the atmosphere. Contaminate items produced by aerosol transmission and droplet suspension have the potential for secondary transmission, especially within daily routine: the destiny of resuspended particles will lead to disparate mechanisms of disease infection. Here, we build a free-dropping rail system to generate the motion desired, and a high-speed camera is observing the droplet’s behavior which is initially positioned on the characteristic surfaces. The complete data set of 0.5 microliter DI water droplets resuspension results is listed as an example below. There is a clear phase that separates the droplet’s separation results, we are currently working on a theoretical model to understand this further in physics¬†and also¬†running some simulation works to testify our database. In the future, extra factors related to resuspension behavior will be systematically studied and the virus distribution during separation will be visualized.