11/9 – Online Social Networks and Global Women’s Empowerment – Grayson Begier

In Online Social Networks and Global Women’s Empowerment, Buskens analyzes the impact of social media platforms, like Facebook, on the empowerment of women. She discusses the issues women are facing on these platforms and how social media derails the women’s movement.

The article dives into the realities Zambian women face on Facebook especially regarding posts  about sexual issues and encounters. Zambian women are facing gender discrimination on these social media platforms because under Zambian law lewd behavior is a crime. For example, a man involved the police in a case where the owner of the site in question worked and tried to scandalize her at her workplace.

I find it super alarming and disturbing that this is even happening on the Internet. It’s crazy how restricted women are in every landscape. It would be a completely different story if it was men in their shoes.

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