#2 Project: LTS Services in Lehigh

Through this project, I and Mrs. Newbegin discussed about choosing a service to talk about, so I choosed LTS (Library and Technology Services). I choosed it because it’s intersting to learn about, and also I was ampressed how data, e-journals, e-articles, and e-books are entered through that website. Actually while I’m preforming, I was nervous, because I think that it was hard for me to get it done. I learned many new things through that project, I learned several interview skills in American Academic culture, and how databases in Lehigh University are saved. I think it’s cool to post, so I post it to show to Lehigh students that Lehigh University is working hard in order to keep the students more comfortable, such us having a great Firewall ( it’s a strong technology or program that keeps infromation safe.)

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