AIRLab Members Contribute to the US Robotics Roadmap and Science Robotics

Professor Jeff Trinkle has been sharing his expertise and experiences with the robotics community for decades.

His recent effort is co-authoring the 2020 Edition of the “Roadmap for US Robotics – From Internet to Robotics”, which will be published as a Journal paper in a few weeks.

We are looking forward to its publication!



Available now, Prof. Jeff Trinkle and his Ph.D. student, Jinda Cui, published a review paper on Science robotics:
(Author’s Publication Page for full-text)

This paper summarizes types of variations robots may encounter in human environments, and categorizes, compares, and contrasts the ways in which learning has been applied to manipulation problems through the lens of adaptability. Promising avenues for future research are proposed at the end.

A quick summary of this paper can be found in this report:


Lehigh’s AIRLab is set to create and share knowledge in Robotics starting from its creation, and it will continue doing that.