We are happy to announce that the US Roadmap 2020 has been published by Now Publishers.

Link to article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1561/2300000066

Recently, the robotics industry celebrated its 60-year anniversary. We have used robots for more than six decades to empower people to do things that are typically dirty, dull and/or dangerous. The industry has progressed significantly over the period from basic mechanical assist systems to fully autonomous cars, environmental monitoring and exploration of outer space. We have seen tremendous adoption of IT technology in our daily lives for a diverse set of support tasks. Through use of robots we are starting to see a new revolution, as we not only will have IT support from tablets, phones, computers but also systems that can physically interact with the world and assist with daily tasks, work, and leisure activities. The present document is a summary of the main societal opportunities identified, the associated challenges to deliver desired solutions and a presentation of efforts to be undertaken to ensure that US will continue to be a leader in robotics both in terms of research innovation, adoption of the latest technology, and adoption of appropriate policy frameworks that ensure that the technology is utilized in a responsible fashion.

Henrik Christensen, Nancy Amato, Holly Yanco, Maja Mataric, Howie Choset, Ann Drobnis, Ken Goldberg, Jessy Grizzle, Gregory Hager, John
Hollerbach, Seth Hutchinson, Venkat Krovi, Daniel Lee, Bill Smart and Jeff Trinkle (2021), “A Roadmap for US Robotics – From Internet to Robotics 2020 Edition”, Foundations and Trends® in Robotics: Vol. 8: No. 4, pp 307-424.

US Robotics Roadmap 2020