Wednesday Website: Freckle

This week’s Wednesday Website was introduced by middle school teacher associate Sarah Seidel. Sarah recently discovered Freckle, a website in which teachers can instruct content from certain subjects and differentiate for students based on their instructional level. Teachers are able to select standards they’d like to teach and assign questions accordingly.

Students join sessions via codes, and the teachers can then view the student’s results and see where their skill deficits are. For example, if you assign a math topic, on the teacher view, it will tell you what kind of questions the student answered correctly or incorrectly.

One snag: You can only view up to three students at once, so divide your class into threes if you’d like to see their results.

Wednesday Website: The new ISJ website!

This week’s Wednesday Website was shared by our newest Transition Coordinator, Heather Caricari. Centennial is unveiling its newest In-school Jobs website. On there, you can still request office supplies, help with a special event, or request copies of take 5s or other classroom worksheets. Requesting these items will take you to a Google Form, and ISJ employees will bring you your order as soon as possible!

Other major updates regarding ISJ: The website has a feedback form if staff have any positive or corrective feedback for the in-school jobs team. It also now has its very own email address:!

Wednesday Website: The Budget Game & Be Well reminders

Lots going on at Centennial for this week’s Wednesday Websites!

Caitie Lyons, our very own Middle School Coordinator, reminded the staff of Lehigh’s Be Well program. This healthy habits program is geared toward Lehigh employees. You can earn points to save up for prizes, including a $20 wellness credit or even save up for larger appliances. Head to this link to get signed up now!

Conversely, Kristin Smith, an elementary lead teacher, shared out the website called The Budget Game. Although you may have to make your budget in Pounds (British currency), it’s a helpful tool in practicing making budgets for elementary schoolers who are learning about money or even high schoolers who have might have budgeting needs. (A transition grid activity?!)