Join the Celebration

From Spring 2020 to Spring 2022, Lehigh will mark the 50th year of undergraduate women with a celebration that includes events, programs, and projects planned and executed by departments, centers, and organizations across the university. These include unique events, lectures, programs, and student projects, as well as existing events and programs with related content.

With this celebration, Lehigh will shine a light on the impact and contributions of Lehigh women and provide a platform to engage in research, scholarship, and discourse around issues related to women, gender, society, and more. While theĀ celebration leverages the historical milestone of the 50th anniversary of the admission of undergraduate women, it is not a celebration of a single historical moment but a forward-looking celebration of all Lehigh women, their leadership, their accomplishments, and their potential.

Be part of it! Whether you simply use the #LUSoaringTogether when you share a story of a great Lehigh woman on social media or are planning to put together a whole new event or program, you’re invited to join in the celebration. Check out some projects and examples and share your project now to get started!

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