Projects & Examples

Participation can be as easy as tagging a news story or using a hashtag or logo. Or, you may want to take advantage of the celebration to launch a new event, project, or academic element. No approval is needed for projects, but please let us know about them — especially if you will be involving alumni — so we can create a coordinated university-wide effort.

Ways to Participate in Soaring Together

  • Add the logo and a footer to a news story or profile about an accomplished Lehigh woman.
  • Connect your event or project to the celebration on social using the hashtags #LUSoaringTogether and #LehighWomen on social media.
  • Tag your event as “Soaring Together” when you post it to the university calendar.
  • Comment on the milestone of Soaring Together when introducing a guest speaker.
  • Use the logo as a Zoom background or in your email footer, with a link to
  • Offer a toast during a virtual gathering, luncheon, or reception.
  • Host a panel discussion or event featuring Lehigh women or on a connected topic, such as coeducation, gender, equity, etc.
  • Incorporate a related topic into an academic class or project.
  • Let the Soaring Together team know about news, research projects, new publications, and scholarly works that can be highlighted as part of the celebration.

Soaring Together Projects

We continue to build a list of connected Lehigh projects. These include:

  • 30th Anniversary of the Center for Gender Equity (launching April 2021)
  • “Hear Me Roar” Women Photographers – Lehigh University Art Galleries (2021-2022 academic year)
  • Alumni Bulletin Special Edition (Summer 2021)
  • Women in STEM Dinner with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Alpha Omega Epsilon (AΩE), and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) (October 2020)
  • 100 Years of Graduate Education (beginning Fall 2020)
  • Women in Technology and Innovation Seminar Series (February-March 2021)
  • Women in Business Conference (February 2021)
  • History of Lehigh Women Documentary Screening (proposed)
  • Creative Inquiry: Women in Innovation Panel (proposed)