Foreward by Clara Buie, Assistant Director, Programs and Global Union
Tear by Athanasia Qirjollari
Her by Jamir Connelly
Self-Portrait as My Father by Dan Haney
Tenacity by Jorgo Tesfa
Feeling You by A’Taja Jackson
Being Human by Anmol Shrestha
Italian Magnetic by Ava Scally
Somewhere, God Slides Off a Nightgown by Dan Haney
Vanta by Sinenhlanhla Porlet Zungu
We Be Talkin’ by Jami Connelly
Forest by Athanasia Qirjollari
When I Was a Writer by Yuzhi Zhang
Manzi by Sinenhlanhla Porlet Zungu
The Lady Showered in Sunshine by Jingyan Chen
The Perfect Ideal Woman by Danit Hang
Wildwood Sunrise by Winnie Gu
Brion Cemetery by Winnie Gu
Moving Forward by Vanessa Ye
Between Classes by Arzoo Karki
To My Friend, Sophie by Julina Mam
Grecian Cat by Claire Ternes
Please Speak Shanghainese by Liangting Chen
Dancers in the N Train by Ileana Exaras
Autumn Path by Anthony Murphy & International Voices
A Peek of Vincenza by Winnie Gu
#BLACKBOYJOY by jamir Connelly
Hidden Noodles  by Thuy Anh Tran
Tension by Sarrah Hussain
Little Did We Know by Julina Mam
I Don’t Know Whether to Kiss You or Miss You by A’Taja Jackson
Tri-Light by Fangyi Wang
Endings are Subjective by William Wan
Humane by Ben Wang