Congratulations to the following lab members for their successful submissions to ICRA and ACC 2023!

  1. Diego S. D’Antonio, Subhrajit Bhattacharya, and David Saldaña. Forming and Controlling Hitches in Midair Using Aerial Robots, ICRA 2023.
  2. Disha Kamale, Sofie Haesaert, Cristian-Ioan Vasile. Cautious Planning with Incremental Symbolic Perception: Designing Verified Reactive Driving Maneuvers, ICRA 2023.
  3. Gustavo A. Cardona, Kevin Leahy, Cristian-Ioan Vasile. Temporal Logic Swarm Control with Splitting and Merging, ICRA 2023.
  4. Jinda Cui, Jeff Trinkle, Jiawei Xu, David Saldaña. Toward Fine Contact Interactions: Learning to Control Normal Contact Force with Limited Information, ICRA 2023.
  5.  Jiawei Xu*, David Saldaña. Finding Optimal Modular Robots for Aerial Tasks, ICRA 2023.
  6. Guangyi Liu, Disha Kamale, Cristian-Ioan Vasile, and Nader Motee. Symbolic Perception Risk in Autonomous Driving, ACC 2023.
  7. Guangyi Liu, Vivek Pandey, Christoforos Somarakis, and Nader Motee. Risk of Cascading Failures in Multi-agent Rendezvous with Communication Time Delay, ACC 2023.
  8. Guangyi Liu, Vivek Pandey, Christoforos Somarakis, and Nader Motee. Cascading Waves of Fluctuation in Time-delay Multi-agent Rendezvous, ACC 2023.
  9. Mingyu Cai, Makai Mann, Zachary Serlin, Kevin Leahy, Cristian-Ioan Vasile. Learning Minimally-Violating Continuous Control for Infeasible Linear Temporal Logic Specifications, ACC 2023.
  10. Danyang Li, Mingyu Cai, Cristian-Ioan Vasile, Roberto Tron. Learning Signal Temporal Logic through Neural Network for Interpretable Classification, ACC 2023.
  11. Gustavo A. Cardona, Disha Kamale, Cristian-Ioan Vasile. Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Control Synthesis with Weighted Signal Temporal Logic, HSCC 2023.
  12. Invited Session: Guangyi Liu, Christoforos Somarakis, Nader Motee. Risk-Aware Design and Control, ACC 2023.
  13. Workshop: Guangyi Liu and Nader Motee. Principles of Risk Quantification in Networked Control Systems, ACC 2023.

Other recent publications from AIRLab members include:

  1. Kaier Liang and Cristian-Ioan VasileFair Planning for Mobility-on-Demand with Temporal Logic Requests, IROS 2022. 
  2. Diego S. D’Antonio and David SaldañaFolding Knots Using a Team of Aerial Robots, IROS 2022.
  3. Gustavo A. Cardona, David Saldaña, Cristian-Ioan Vasile. Planning for Modular Aerial Robotic Tools with Temporal Logic Constraints, CDC 2022.
  4. Guangyi Liu, Christoforos Somarakis, and Nader Motee. Emergence of Cascading Risk and Role of Spatial Locations of Collisions in Time-Delayed Platoon of Vehicles, CDC 2022.
  5. Matthew Cavorsi, Ninad Jadhav, David Saldaña, Stephanie Gil. Adaptive Malicious Robot Detection in Dynamic Topologies, CDC 2022.
  6. Extended Abstract: Diego S. D’Antonio, Jiawei Xu, Gustavo A. Cardona, and David Saldaña. Customizable-ModQuad: a Versatile Hardware-Software Platform to Develop Lightweight and Low-cost Aerial Vehicles, IROS 2022. 
  7. Gustavo A. Cardona, Cristian-Ioan Vasile. Partial Satisfaction of Signal Temporal Logic Specifications for Coordination of Multi-robot Systems, WAFR 2022
AIRLab papers accepted at ICRA & ACC ’23!