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8 Uncommon Google Tools

While there are commonly known Google tools within the Google Suite we use every day, there are many other tools supported by Google that are lesser known. Below are eight uncommon Google tools that you can use in your classroom.

  1. Autodraw – Students can draw and Autodraw will automatically begin to detect the design and recommend icons. Students can select the icon that closely matches their drawing and change the line or fill color and resize. For step by step instructions on how to use AutoDraw in the classroom, visit this blog post.
  2. Arts & Culture – Students can explore art, articles about culture 360-degree videos, and street view of famous places. Expose your students to rich documents that help students visit places otherwise not possible without the help of technology.
  3. Chrome Music Lab – Students can create music digitally through Chrome Music Lab. There are a variety of tools for students to explore different sounds and create a masterpiece.

  4. Tour Builder – Create tours for students to explore parts of the world they can’t visit by school bus. Visit this blog post for an overview of how to use Google Tour Creator in your classroom.
  5. Land Lines – Give students the opportunity to explore shapes that align to satellite images. Students can draw a shape and the website will find a matching line from somewhere on the earth’s surface.
  6. Google Earth Timelapse – Students can look at a specific area and see how the land has developed over the last 32 years using Google Earth Timelapse. For more information on Timelapse, visit this Google blog post.
  7. Access Mars – Navigate around Mars with a 360 degree, 3D tour. Students can explore and learn about Mars in a 3D environment.  
  8. Body Synth – Create music with your body movement. This Google Experiment uses the camera on your computer to create music based on how you move your body.

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