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9 Ways to Use Emojis in the Classroom

Students enjoy using emojis as a means for communicating on devices outside of school. These simple icons are readily available on mobile device keyboards and websites to represent feelings, objects, activities, and events. The nine ideas listed below include instructional ideas, emoji tools, and resources.

  1. Emoji Math Puzzles
  2. Blog Post of Teacher Ideas
  3. Emoji Writing Prompts
  4. Emojis in the English Classroom
  5. Emoji Translator
  6. Emoji Ransom Generator
  7. 10 Emoji Classroom Ideas
  8. Wintertime Rebus Story with Emojis Blog post and Template (see Activity #5)
  9. Emoji Learning Activities with Google

Do your students love Emojis so much they want to build their own? Create your own emoji to use in the activities above. For more ideas on how to use these unique emojis, visit this teacher blog post.

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