Vocabulary is a key component of instruction. One place to learn about effective vocabulary strategies is Michael Kennedy’s Introduction to Special Education Podcasts Vimeo channel. This channel includes strategies for vocabulary instruction across disciplines. Another fantastic resource, also produced by Kennedy and his team, is Vocab Support. The resources linked on the Vocab Support website are designed for teachers to use directly with students. Visit the upper right-hand corner of the website, select CAP-Teacher Resources and visit the slideshows of vocabulary that include student friendly definitions, evidence-based practices for teaching vocabulary, and questions to check for understanding.
One way to effectively teach vocabulary is through the Frayer Model graphic organizer. This website provides an overview of the Frayer Model and how the strategy can be used with Google drawing. Here is a template you can share with your students through Google Classroom to open in Google Drawing. Here is another template that can also be used in Google Drawing.

Effective Vocabulary Instruction: Examples & Non-Examples from Michael Kennedy on Vimeo.

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