2021 Spring Semester – Week 3

An all alumni email went out on April 1 and Jennifer Cunningham included a crowdfunding blurb in her weekly digital dose to alumni on April 5. The donations you received should keep the momentum going but don’t slow down! You’re almost half way through crowdfunding and there is still plenty that you can do to help keep things moving forward.

As you wrap up Week 2, meet with your team to discuss Week 3 tasks. Now is a good time to provide an update by posting a video through your social media channels and your campaign page. Videos are more likely to grab someone’s attention and will help to encourage people to donate if they can see who it is they are helping. If you don’t have any social media channels to post to, work with your adviser on posting something through your department or c0llege Marketing Director.

In addition, some of you have reached out to me in obtaining an alumni list for personal outreach. If you haven’t done so already, this can be another great way to raise funds by having the message come directly form you!

We are in the final weeks of preparing for Giving Day. Once the challenges/matches are finalized, I will share them with this group. These challenges and matches can be included in your outreach to help show alumni that by giving to your project, they are also help unlock funds for different areas of Lehigh.

Keep up the hard work!

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