Frequently Asked Questions

Any university recognized group or project team with a university account to collect funding is eligible to apply.
Yes, like any gift to Lehigh University, all donations made through Lehigh Crowdfunding are fully-tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
Each participating group has a unique designation number where gifts are directed. All funds, even if the target goal is not reached, will still go to and will be available to the group at any point. If the project is unable to proceed due to lack of funding, the funds raised will be used toward future projects supporting the mission of the club or organization at the discretion of the faculty/staff adviser.
Yes, however, it can take several months for corporate matching funds to be sent to Lehigh. In the event the corporate match does not arrive before the project deadline, it will be applied to the respective club or organization's account for future projects.

The Alumni Relations team will assist project groups with outreach by sending out two emails to all alumni, promoting the crowdfunding webpage.  These marketing outreaches will be general and not project specific due to the large quantity of featured projects.  

In conjunction with these emails, the Alumni Relations team will look to promote projects at related events if applicable.  

Find a time to meet with your faculty/staff adviser to brainstorm and research lists of organizations and alumni groups who may be interested in supporting your project. As you outline your outreach plan, consider dividing your target audience into different segments so you can send emails at different times throughout the 5 week timeline.

If you do not have a personal social media account, consider creating one for yourself or for your project team.  See if your faculty/staff adviser has ideas on how to utilize other department social media accounts if you are uncomfortable using your own.

Remember, this ask for contributions is not begging others for money.  This is an opportunity to encourage and allow others to support something you and your team members are passionate about.  Tell them why your project is so great! By encouraging participation by resharing or posting about your project can also help to alleviate any awkwardness.  

No, offering to send a t-shirt or any other type of giveaway to donors or those who give at a certain level is considered quid pro quo and is not allowed.  Lehigh cannot allow a trade in goods based on an items fair market value. However, groups are allowed to feature a donor or company sponsor in recognition. Setting a donation level with a corresponding level of “Thank you” (hand-written card, newsletter feature, personal phone-call, etc.)is a creative way to recognize your donors.