Getting Started

Lehigh Crowdfunding Application must be approved and Roles and Responsibilities reviewed thoroughly prior to setting up your crowdfunding page. Once accepted, you may begin to set-up your crowdfunding page and research other groups.

Page Set-up

Group leaders will be invited via an email link to get started on their page.  Once logged in, project leaders will have the ability to edit content on their project page.

Follow the instructions under Page Set-up to walk through each step of the Snap Advance project page.

For any questions or troubleshooting, please contact Ben Best at in the Alumni Relations Office.

Research to Broaden Network

Prior to your project launch, spend some time with your faculty/staff adviser brainstorming and researching outside organizations or alumni groups who may identify with your project.  There are various ways to get connected with them through either your adviser or the Alumni Relations Office. Narrowing down who those groups or individuals might be will help you when planning your outreaches during your project. Alumni Affinity Groups to consider: Regional Clubs, Professional Alliances (Lehigh Connects), specific degree holders, etc.