Social Media

Social media plays a crucial part to the success of crowdfunding projects through the creation of shareable content and the cultivation of an online community that can help to reach new audiences.

Selecting Platform

When mapping out your crowdfunding outreaches through social media, focus on the channels that will provide the most impact.  Utilize social platforms that you already use or know you have the largest following on. Do research in advance of your project to decide on which platform will work best for you and your team or if there is a project handle you can create for your group.  Consider asking your faculty/staff adviser if there are other department social media handles that could share on your behalf or repost when sharing updates.

Posting Content

When considering what to share in your social post, keep the goal in the back of your mind that you want your post to increase awareness and drive donations to the project.  Most of your posts should inform your audience what your project is trying to accomplish and pique interests by identifying your mission and goals. Encourage involvement by contributing as a donor, as well as sharing or reposting your message on personal pages.

Frequency of posts will depend on each individual project, but you should consider posting at least once a week just on social media.  It is an easy way to provide updates, thank those who have already supported your fundraising efforts, and continues to get the word out to a larger online audience.

Promoting Content

When you start to promote and share out your project, consider generating a project #hashtag. When posting, encourage your donors and supporters to use the hashtag as well.  Not only will this help to keep track of those who are posting about your project, but this can also help later on as you consider how to thank your donors either during or after your project has concluded. Providing a hashtag and tagging those who have shared it can keep up to date on any progress your project has made.

Best Practices

  • Post or share on your chosen social platform once a week to highlight what your project is working on that week or share progress to goal.  For example, posting on a Monday at noon could help to highlight the start of a new week and share what your project team will be working on at that time.
    • During the final week of fundraising (Week 5), posting each day will allow supporters to follow along and track your final days of progress.  Accompany each post with your call to action including sharing across your audience’s personal network platforms
  • The time of day you post will depend on your own individual project.  Consider who your audience and current followers are and determine at what time of day a post would most likely be seen
  • Utilize a team member or group account with the largest number of followers
  • Remember, the social crowd is not actively looking for your project.  Make your post eye catching and informative in order to draw in attention
  • In order to reach the most viewers make sure your social platform, or at least your specific post, is public.  Otherwise viewers may not be able to see your post or share it with their own networks