Week 1 Coming to an End, on to Week 2!

With the week coming to an end, make sure you are checking everything off from the Week 1: Checklist. An alumni email will be going out next week. Use the remaining time to collect donations, so it doesn’t look like you are starting from ground zero.

Have you and your team members supported your own project? No matter the size of the donation, investing in your own campaign can help generate excitement and show the dedication to your cause. Update language to say, “Join me and our team in support of our project goal…” Use the email template to get other ideas when drafting any outreach.

Be sure to incorporate a video on your campaign site. The video should tell your story and the impact your project will have if it is successfully funded. Videos are more likely to engage with potential donors in a compelling manner.

Lastly, meet with your group and start preparing for the upcoming week by reviewing the Week 2: Checklist.

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