It is Spring Break, but Crowdfunding is not resting

Hello Crowdfunders, and Happy Spring Break!

With 19 days left and more than halfway through your funding timeline, it is time to push it!  These days will fly by, so make sure you are making the most of your time. Giving Day was a success with over $4,000 brought in via the Giving Day site and the Cash Grab booth on campus!  These donors and dollars will be added to your page totals shortly.  

Though some of you may be enjoying a well deserved break from classes, you can still still keep on top of promoting your project’s by continuing to push out emails or social media posts.  This is a good opportunity to provide a status update on your project or overall progress to goal.  For additional references or ideas on what to send out this week, check out the Week 4 checklist!

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